Penedès Wine Route – Wine Paradise of Catalonia

It does good also to take walks out of doors, that our spirits may be raised and refreshed by the open air and fresh breeze: sometimes we gain strength by driving in a carriage, by travel, by change of air, or by social meals and a more generous allowance of wine.

— Seneca

Penedès Wine Route allow you to explore and learn about this land with all of your senses. Listen to it, walk through it, and simply relax. Learn about the Penedès, a region with its own identity and rich diversity that revolves on the culture of wine and cava.

The Penedès vineyard is born and matures between the Catalan pre-coastal mountains and the little plains of the Mediterranean coast, right in the heart of the central valley. Images of farmhouses, neighborhoods and historic castles are usually depicted in this multicolored landscape area, telling us about the character of a region where the various cultures that have inhabited it have left precious heritage.

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